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pharmacological agents that are able to influence the pancreatic B-cell? Work in our laboratory has been generously funded by project/equipment grants to M. In trod uction In a number of cells, including the pancreatic B-cell, cytoplasmic free Ca2+ ([Ca2+Ii) has a fundamental role in signal transduction. Over the years we have +-induced CaZ + release. 'To(More)
This paper describes classification of typed student utterances within AutoTutor, an intelligent tutoring system. Utterances are classified to one of 18 categories, including 16 question categories. The classifier presented uses part of speech tagging, cascaded finite state transducers, and simple disambiguation rules. Shallow NLP is well suited to the(More)
The reported effects of nitric oxide (NO) on dopamine release from the striatum are variable and its precise effect on striatal nerve terminals is unclear. In the present study a novel method of applying NO to brain tissue in situ was employed. Photo-activation of Roussin's Black Salt (RBS), retained in isolated perfused brain tissue, was used to release NO(More)
The fixed geometries of current cache designs do not adapt to the working set requirements of modern applications, causing significant inefficiency. The short block lifetimes and moderate spatial locality exhibited by many applications result in only a few words in the block being touched prior to eviction. Unused words occupy between 17 -- 80% of a 64K L1(More)
1. The electrical properties of mouse pancreatic islet cells have been explored in vitro using a single intracellular micro-electrode for both voltage recording and current injection. 2. The frequency of spontaneous electrical activity induced in islet cells by concentrations of D-glucose greater than 2-8 mM was enhanced by depolarizing, and reduced by(More)
Modern computing systems increasingly consist of multiple processor cores. From cell phones to datacenters, multicore computing has become the standard. At the same time, our understanding of the performance impact resource sharing has on these platforms is limited, and therefore, prevents these systems from being fully utilized. As the capacity of FPGAs(More)
Combining multi-processing with the high level of configurability possible with FPGA-based soft-processors, this paper presents a multiprocessing framework based on the MicroBlaze soft-processor that provides multicore support and fully coherent, independently configurable Level 1 Caches with Linux multicore support. This architecture allows for fine-grain(More)
We have shown that addition of exogenous delta-aminolaevulinic acid (ALA) to rat pancreatoma AR4-2J cells in culture leads to the increased production of porphobilinogen (PBG) and the accumulation of photoactive protoporphyrin IX (PPix) in these cells. Exposure to light (lambda > 400 nm) at an intensity of 0.2 mW cm-2 for 8 min resulted in an ALA(More)
ACTH superfused onto mouse adrenal zona fasciculata tissue caused a transient, dose-dependent membrane depolarization. The log of the dose of ACTH was linearly related to the magnitude of depolarization. The onset of depolarization was rapid and dose dependent. Resting membrane potential changes observed after ACTH were blocked by CoCl2 but not tetrodotoxin(More)
—Processor systems contain a limited number of hardware counters that provide some visibility for certain types of interactions, but do not support sophisticated analysis due to limited resources. By contrast, system software simulators provide multidimensional runtime data, but slowdown application execution, often resulting in an inaccurate picture of(More)