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This paper attempts to describe a pipeline architecture synthesis tool dedicated to signal processing applications. This approach relies on the use of a design strategy and of a generic architectural model, using optimized control of resources. GAUTi takes a VHDL description of an application as input, and generates the optimal structural and functional(More)
A new approach for estimating Digital Signal Processors’ energy consumption is presented. Our energy consumption model is based on a functional analysis of the DSP’s core. Several consumption rules are determined. They give, from specific parameters extracted from the algorithm’s source code, the consumption of every functional block in the DSP, and lead to(More)
A method for estimating the power consumption of an algorithm is presented. The estimation can be performed both from the C program and from the assembly code. It relies on a power model for the targeted processor. Without compilation, several targets can be compared at the C-level in order to rapidly explore the design space. The estimation can be refined(More)
We present a method to estimate the power and energy consumption of an algorithm directly from the C program. Three models are involved: a model for the targeted processor (the power model), a model for the algorithm, and a model for the compiler (the prediction model). A functional-level power analysis is performed to obtain the power model. Five power(More)
OBJECTIVES:Hepatic encephalopathy, both overt (OHE) and minimal (MHE), is associated with poor quality of life and fatigue. The aim of this study was to define the effect of fatigue on driving skills in MHE and OHE patients.METHODS:Cirrhotics and age/education-matched controls were administered a psychometric battery of tests to diagnose MHE. Cirrhotics(More)
Recipients of solitary liver and kidney transplants are living longer, and this increases their risk of long-term complications such as recurrent hepatitis C virus (HCV) and drug-induced nephrotoxicity. These complications may require retransplantation. Since the adoption of the Model for End-Stage Liver Disease, the number of simultaneous liver-kidney(More)
The increasingly demanding requirements of digital signal processing applications like multimedia, new generations of wireless systems, etc. led to the definition of more and more complex algorithms and systems that are to be efficiently implemented with the time to market constraint. Today, the electronic system design community is mainly concerned with(More)
This paper addresses the design of multi-mode architectures for digital signal processing applications. We present a dedicated design flow and its associated high-level synthesis tool, named <b>GAUT.</b> Given a unified description of a set of time-wise mutually exclusive tasks and their associated throughput constraints, a single <b>RTL</b> hardware(More)