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From Theory to Doctrine: An Empirical Analysis of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms after Heller
As a matter of constitutional doctrine, the right to keep and bear arms is coming of age. But although the doctrine has begun to mature in the decade since District of Columbia v. Heller, scholars,Expand
Justifying Perceptions in First and Second Amendment Doctrine
I INTRODUCTION Public perceptions motivate policymakers. They regulate to preserve certain perceptions, such as that of a fair judiciary, and to prevent others, such as public offense. They alsoExpand
An Unstable Core: Self-Defense and the Second Amendment
In District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court announced for the first time that self-defense, not militia service, is the “core” of the right to keep and bear arms. However, the Court failedExpand
Firearm Regionalism and Public Carry: Placing Southern Antebellum Case Law in Context
In recent years, following the Supreme Court’s landmark originalist opinion in District of Columbia v. Heller, courts have been asked to strike down restrictions on the public carrying of handguns onExpand
Community analysis of large epibenthos in the Nordic Seas
The aim of the presented project was to provide information about the community structure and diversity of epibenthic megafauna in the Nordic Seas. The focus was the importance of hard substrate inExpand
Preface: The Second Generation of Second Amendment Law & Policy
The cacophonous and charged public debate over gun policy reflects a nation deeply divided about the appropriate balance between gun rights and gun regulation. (1) The Second Amendment oftenExpand
You Can Lead a Horse to Water: Heller and the Future of Second Amendment Scholarship
it not only inaugurated a new era of constitutional doctrine, but also helped create a burgeoning new field of legal scholarship. Ten years after Heller, and despite a relative lack of furtherExpand