Eric M. Veith

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In the current rather rigid communication model on the Internet, the functional composition of available algorithms is dictated by the ISO/OSI stack model. A flexible architecture, as often discussed in the Future Internet research area, will be able to support the desire to dynamically choose certain mechanisms based on the requirements of a particular(More)
—The smart grid concept introduces more software control at both endpoints of the energy consumption chain: The consumer is integrated into the grid management using smart metering, whereas the producer will be host to a distributed agent-based software approach. Including more renewable energy sources in the energy mix will increase the necessity for a(More)
—Evolutionary training methods for Artificial Neural Networks can escape local minima. Thus, they are useful to train recurrent neural networks for short-term weather forecasting. However, these algorithms are not guaranteed to converge fast or even converge at all due to their stochastic nature. In this paper, we present an algorithm that uses implicit(More)
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