Eric M. Balzer

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Activation of voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels (VDCCs) is critical for neurotransmitter release, neuronal excitability and postsynaptic Ca2+ signalling. Antagonists of VDCCs can be antinociceptive in different animal pain models. Neurons in lamina I of the spinal dorsal horn play a pivotal role in the processing of pain-related information, but the role of(More)
Cell migration is crucial for both physiological and pathological processes. Current in vitro cell motility assays suffer from various drawbacks, including insufficient temporal and/or optical resolution, or the failure to include a controlled chemotactic stimulus. Here, we address these limitations with a migration chamber that utilizes a self-sustaining(More)
Since the cytoskeleton is known to regulate many cell functions, an increasing amount of effort to characterize cells by their mechanical properties has occured. Despite the structural complexity and dynamics of the multicomponent cytoskeleton, mechanical measurements on single cells are often fit to simple models with two to three parameters, and those(More)
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