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Three biomedical current awareness products which are distributed on floppy disc, were studied over a period of 3 months. They were monitored for the speed with which primary journal issues were indexed, and for the coverage of the journals which were selected for study. Data on issues of 72 monthly journals (38 North American and 34 European) and nine(More)
In both medicine and science it is difficult to keep up to date with the large and rapidly increasing literature. Whilst a medical academic is likely to use electronic bibliographic databases for his research, he is less likely to use them in clinical practice. Although the potential advantages of an online search in a clinical situation have been(More)
The quality of the online search service in a university medical school/large hospital library was investigated by user survey. The use of a questionnaire as a tool to measure quality was assessed. The survey indicated that most users were satisfied with the quality of the service. User ratings for all search performance criteria were high and most readers(More)
The goal of this thesis was to implement a tool that, given a digital audio input, can extract and represent rhythm and musical time. The purpose of the tool is to help develop better models of rhythm for real-time computer based performance and composition. This analysis tool, Riddim, uses Independent Subspace Analysis (ISA) and a robust onset detection(More)
The rapid development of network communication technologies has allowed composers to create new ways in which to directly engage participants in the exploration of new musical environments. A number of distinctive aesthetic approaches to the musical application of networks will be outlined in this paper each of which is mediated and conditioned by the(More)
The Cube is a recently built facility that features a high-density loudspeaker array. The Cube is designed to support spatial computer music research and performance, art installations, immersive environments, scientific research, and all manner of experimental formats and projects. We recount here the design process, implementation, and initial projects(More)
Musical open works can be often thought like sequences of musical structures, which can be arranged by anyone who had access to them and who wished to realize the work. This paper proposes an innovative agent-based system to model the information and organize it in structured knowledge; to create effective, graph-centric browsing perspectives and views for(More)
The currency of selected versions of the MEDLINE database on CD-ROM and in online format was studied. The arrival of issues from 72 monthly journals and nine weekly titles during a 3-month period was monitored and their appearance in the various MEDLINE formats were recorded. Availability data for MEDLINE published by the National Library of Medicine were(More)