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We have investigated modifications of sapphire (0 0 0 1) surface with and without coating, induced by a single laser pulse with a 1054 nm wavelength, 2.2 ms duration, 7.75 mm spot and energy of 20–110 J. A holographic optical element was used for smoothing the drive beam spatially, but it induced small hotspots which initiated damage on the uncoated and(More)
The newly upgraded TRIDENT high-energy-density (HED) facility provides high-energy short-pulse laser-matter interactions with powers in excess of 200 TW and energies greater than 120 J. In addition, TRIDENT retains two long-pulse (nanoseconds to microseconds) beams that are available for simultaneous use in either the same experiment or a separate one. The(More)
We derive expressions for shock formation based on the local curvature of the flow characteristics during dynamic compression. Given a specific ramp adiabat, calculated for instance from the equation of state for a substance, the ideal nonlinear shape for an applied ramp loading history can be determined. We discuss the region affected by lateral release,(More)
A neutron imaging diagnostic has recently been commissioned at the National Ignition Facility (NIF). This new system is an important diagnostic tool for inertial fusion studies at the NIF for measuring the size and shape of the burning DT plasma during the ignition stage of Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) implosions. The imaging technique utilizes a(More)
Using a large volume high-energy-density fluid shear experiment (8.5  cm^{3}) at the National Ignition Facility, we have demonstrated for the first time the ability to significantly alter the evolution of a supersonic sheared mixing layer by controlling the initial conditions of that layer. By altering the initial surface roughness of the tracer foil, we(More)
Computational modeling and experimental measurements on metal samples subject to a laser-driven, ablative Richtmyer-Meshkov instability showed differences between viscosity and strength effects. In particular, numerical and analytical solutions, coupled with measurements of fed-through perturbations, generated by perturbed shock fronts onto initially flat(More)
Numerical modeling of the neutron imaging system for the National Ignition Facility (NIF), forward from calculated target neutron emission to a camera image, will guide both the reduction of data and the future development of the system. Located 28 m from target chamber center, the system can produce two images at different neutron energies by gating on(More)
This article critically examines Saul Kripke’s (1972) argument for the separability of necessary truths from truths known a priori, focusing on his criticism of the standard meter case presented by Wittgenstein (1968). It attempts to show that Kripke’s argument is unworkable on any of several readings. Wittgenstein’s own broadly conventionalist account of(More)
Development of analysis techniques for neutron imaging at the National Ignition Facility is an important and difficult task for the detailed understanding of high-neutron yield inertial confinement fusion implosions. Once developed, these methods must provide accurate images of the hot and cold fuels so that information about the implosion, such as symmetry(More)