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  • R Amanullah, C Lidman, D Rubin, G Aldering, P Astier, K Barbary +28 others
  • 2010
We report on work to increase the number of well-measured Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) at high redshifts. Light curves, including high signal-to-noise HST data, and spectra of six SNe Ia that were discovered during 2001 are presented. Additionally, for the two SNe with z > 1, we present ground-based J-band photometry from Gemini and the VLT. These are among(More)
  • G Aldering, W Althouse, R Amanullah, J Annis, P Astier, C Baltay +95 others
  • 2004
The Supernova / Acceleration Probe (SNAP) is a proposed space-based experiment designed to study the dark energy and alternative explanations of the acceleration of the Universe's expansion by performing a series of complementary systematics-controlled astrophysical measurements. We here describe a 1 self-consistent reference mission design that can(More)
Fibroblast surface (SE) antigen is present in fibrillar surface structures of cultured normal fibroblasts, shed to the extracellular medium, and is also found in circulation (serum and plasma). Malignant fibroblasts (transformed by viruses) do not express SF antigen on the cell surface. In this study the in vivo differentiation and distribution of SF(More)
Cultured human glioma cells were studied by double indirect immunofluorescence technique using antisera against intermediate filaments and glial fibrillary acidic protein. With both antisera cytoplasmic fibrillar fluorescence was seen. Perinuclear bundles of intermediate-sized filaments, induced by vinblastine treatment, were strongly stained with both(More)
[1] We present an uncertainty analysis of gross ecosystem carbon exchange (GEE) estimates derived from 7 years of continuous eddy covariance measurements of forest-atmosphere CO 2 fluxes at Howland Forest, Maine, USA. These data, which have high temporal resolution, can be used to validate process modeling analyses, remote sensing assessments, and field(More)
[1] To more fully understand the role of precipitation in observed increases in freshwater discharge to the Arctic Ocean, data from a new archive of bias-adjusted precipitation records for the former USSR (TD9813), along with the CRU and Willmott-Matsuura data sets, were examined for the period 1936 – 1999. Across the six largest Eurasian river basins,(More)
The ability to map the cosmological expansion has developed enormously, spurred by the turning point one decade ago of the discovery of cosmic acceleration. The standard model of cosmology has shifted from a matter dominated, standard gravity, decelerating expansion to the present search for the origin of acceleration in the cosmic expansion. We present a(More)