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This article describes a new synthesis technology called reconstructive phrase modeling (RPM). A goal of RPM is to combine the realistic sound quality of sampling with the performance interaction of functional synthesis. Great importance is placed on capturing the dynamics of note transitions-slurs, legato, bow changes, etc. Expressive results are achieved(More)
During the past three years IRCAM has developed the IRCAM Musical Workstation (IMW). Recently we have begun work on musical tools and the realization of music with the system. Miller Puckette has written a version of MAX for the IMW which includes signal processing objects, as well as the standard objects found in the Macintosh version of MAX (including(More)
This is a project begun in August 19SS involving eight to ten engineers. The intention is to provide a system which is n-ell adapted to both real-time signal processing and event processing. The system uses the NeXT machine as host computer. We have developed a high-speed general purpose multiprocessor configured as plugin boards for the NeXT cube. The(More)
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