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The present authors have participated in the development of a Dutch consensus on the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of hearing and visual impairment in children and adults with intellectual disability. They argue that the early detection of sensory impairment in babies and children with intellectual disability should primarily be a responsibility(More)
Postmortem redistribution (PMR) refers to the site- and time-related blood drug concentration variations after death. We compared central blood (cardiac and subclavian) with peripheral blood (femoral and popliteal) concentrations of diazepam, methadone, and morphine. To our knowledge, popliteal blood has never been compared with other sites. Intracardiac(More)
Sampling site, technique, and time influence postmortem drug concentrations. In 57 cases, we studied drug concentration differences as follows: subclavian vein-dissection/clamping versus blind stick, femoral vein-dissection/clamping versus blind stick, right cardiac chamber, and popliteal vein-dissection and clamping only. Cases were distributed in group #1(More)
Rehabilitation exercises supervised by occupational therapists (OTs), involve applying task-oriented forces to the injured/disabled area to regain, for instance, strength and range of motion. Haptic interfaces have shown clear benefits in imitating therapists' exercises with the possibilities of position, grasping angles and force capturing. In this paper,(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the epileptic phenotype of Tsc1(+/-) mice pups in comparison with age-related seizures in human tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC). METHODS Tsc1(+/-) and control mice underwent intracranial electroencephalography (EEG) recording at postnatal ages (P)8 to P33, with linear silicon probe implanted in the somatosensory cortex of one or(More)
Postmortem redistribution (PMR) concerns blood drug concentration variations after death, depending on many factors such as sampling site and technique. In our study, we focused on sampling method. 30 cases were sampled, each at cardiac, subclavian, femoral, and popliteal sites. Targeted substances were diazepam, methadone, and morphine. Blind stick and(More)