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Background Definitions Goal Guts Step-by-step Missing pieces Proof What's new here? Way to audit that: • Has a big chance of correcting the outcome if the outcome is wrong (risk-limiting). • Enables the public to have strong evidence that the outcome is right, without having to trust (many) others. • Preserves voter privacy. Background Definitions Goal Guts(More)
We describe the first systematic, quantitative threat evaluation in a local election jurisdiction in the U.S., Marin County, California, in the November 2010 general election. We made use of a reusable threat model that we have developed over several years. The threat model is based on attack trees with several novel enhancements to promote model reuse and(More)
This short paper describes the trash attack which is effective against the majority of fully-verifiable election systems. The paper then offers a simple but counter-intuitive mitigation which can be incorporated within many such schemes to substantially reduce the effectiveness of the attack. This mitigation also offers additional benefits as it(More)
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