Eric Lavastre

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We present the experimental demonstration of a subaperture compression scheme achieved in the PETAL (PETawatt Aquitaine Laser) facility. We evidence that by dividing the beam into small subapertures fitting the available grating size, the sub-beam can be individually compressed below 1 ps, synchronized below 50 fs and then coherently added thanks to a(More)
We report an experimental investigation of high reflection mirrors used to fabricate gratings for pulse compression application at the wavelength of 1.053microm. Two kinds of mirrors are studied: the mixed Metal MultiLayer Dielectric (MMLD) mirrors which combine a gold metal layer with some e-beam evaporated dielectric bilayers on the top and the standard(More)
A rasterscan procedure adapted to the sub-picosecond regime is set to determine laser-induced damage densities as function of fluences. Density measurement is carried out on dielectric high-reflective coatings operating at 1053 nm. Whereas laser-induced damage is usually considered deterministic in this regime, damage events occur on these structures for(More)
This paper studies gratings engraved in multilayer dielectric stacks for ultra high intensity laser compressors application. We design various grating profiles with high reflected efficiencies for 1780 l/mm multilayer dielectric gratings (MLD). Each grating is defined to exhibit a different electric field maximum value in the pillars of the grating. A(More)
Laser-induced damage growth has been investigated in the subpicosecond regime at 1030 nm. We have herein studied the growth of damage sites initiated on a high-reflective dielectric coating under subsequent laser irradiations at a constant fluence. We show through an experimental approach that growth can be triggered for fluences as low as 50% of the(More)
Standard test protocols need several laser shots to assess the laser-induced damage threshold of optics and, consequently, large areas are necessary. Taking into account the dominating intrinsic mechanisms of laser damage in the sub-picosecond regime, a simple, fast, and accurate method, based on correlating the fluence distribution with the damage(More)
The Petawatt Aquitaine Laser (PETAL) facility was designed and constructed by the French Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA) as an additional PW beamline to the Laser MegaJoule (LMJ) facility. PETAL energy is limited to 1 kJ at the beginning due to the damage threshold of the final optics. In this paper, we present the(More)
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