Eric Lanteigne

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This paper presents an obstacle avoidance method for discretely-actuated planar manipulators with a large number of serially connected modules. The method uses a direct combination of the manipulator workspace density functions and obstacle density maps to solve the inverse kinematics of the manipulator, thus avoiding the geometrical modelling of obstacles(More)
Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping problems are inherently dynamic and the structure of the graph representing them changes significantly over time. To obtain the least square solution of such systems efficiently, it is desired to maintain a good column ordering such that fill-ins are reduced. This comes at a cost since general ordering changes require(More)
The design of a link-less hyper-redundant miniature manipulator driven by high strain SMA (shape memory alloy) actuators is the focus of this research. The manipulator is composed of four identical modules connected in series, each providing three degrees of freedom from three symmetrically positioned actuators. The manipulator is withheld by the action of(More)
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