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Agranulocytosis developed in a patient with staphylococcal osteomyelitis after 35 days of treatment with orally administered cloxacillin. The patient had fever, prostration, pharyngitis, and profound leukopenia, which subsequently abated upon withdrawal of the drug. Cloxacillin should be included in the growing list of drugs capable of producing leukopenia(More)
A 46-year-old man showed a clinical response when treated with parenteral erythromycin for what was initially thought to be legionnaires' disease, but an organism isolated from his pleural fluid on CYE agar was subsequently identified as Francisella tularensis. Tularemia should be suspected in all cases of atypical pneumonia in the appropriate setting.(More)
Failure of the characteristic rash to develop during the course of illness in Rocky Mountain spotted fever may lead to the delay or failure of diagnosis and may result in fetal encephalopathic illness with disseminated vascular injury. Four patients are described herein in whom a rash failed to develop and the diagnosis was initially incorrect. Each patient(More)
Eleven patients with serious infections involving anaerobic bacteria were treated with carbenicillin (four patients) or ticarcillin (seven patients). All patients were cured clinically and bacteriologically of their infections. An in vitro study testing 157 recently isolated anaerobic organisms against 11 antibiotics showed chloramphenicol, carbenicillin,(More)