Eric L. Slattery

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Cayman ataxia is a recessive congenital ataxia restricted to one area of Grand Cayman Island. Comparative mapping suggested that the locus on 19p13.3 associated with Cayman ataxia might be homologous to the locus on mouse chromosome 10 associated with the recessive ataxic mouse mutant jittery. Screening genes in the region of overlap identified mutations in(More)
Cisplatin is a chemotherapeutic agent that is widely used in the treatment of solid tumors. Ototoxicity is a common side effect of cisplatin therapy and often leads to permanent hearing loss. The sensory organs of the avian ear are able to regenerate hair cells after aminoglycoside ototoxicity. This regenerative response is mediated by supporting cells,(More)
Surveys with questionnaires play a vital role in decision and policy making in society. Within medicine, including otolaryngology, surveys with questionnaires may be the only method for gathering data on rare or unusual events. In addition, questionnaires can be developed and validated to be used as outcome measures in clinical trials and other clinical(More)
The sensory hair cells of the cochlea and vestibular organs are essential for normal hearing and balance function. The mammalian ear possesses a very limited ability to regenerate hair cells and their loss can lead to permanent sensory impairment. In contrast, hair cells in the avian ear are quickly regenerated after acoustic trauma or ototoxic injury. The(More)
The primary objective of graphing research data is to communicate key information visually in a rapid, accurate, and concise way. Graphs might be considered visual take-home lessons of the major point(s) of the manuscript. In choosing a graph, it is tempting to concentrate only on ways of illustrating summary statements characterizing the group(s). However,(More)
Vestibular function testing plays a critical role in understanding balance disorders. These tests augment a well-performed history and physical exam in providing quantitative information regarding vestibular reflexes, central oculomotor function and postural control strategies. Video-oculography (VOG) and caloric stimulation play a major role in evaluation(More)
BACKGROUND Cisplatin is a widely used chemotherapeutic agent that can also cause ototoxic injury. One potential treatment for cisplatin-induced hearing loss involves the activation of endogenous inner ear stem cells, which may then produce replacement hair cells. In this series of experiments, we examined the effects of cisplatin exposure on both hair cells(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe symptoms from intralabyrinthine schwannomas specific from more common vestibular schwannomas of the internal auditory canal or cerebellopontine angle resulting from mass effect from the tumor within the labyrinth. PATIENTS Eight patients diagnosed as having intralabyrinthine schwannomas from 2000 to 2014 were examined retrospectively(More)
S Gretarsdottir, G Thorleifsson, S Th Reynisdottir, A Manolescu, S Jonsdottir, T Jonsdottir, T Gudmundsdottir, S M Bjarnadottir, O B Einarsson, H M Gudjonsdottir, M Hawkins, G Gudmundsson, H Gudmundsdottir, H Andrason, A S Gudmundsdottir, M Sigurdardottir, T T Chou, J Nahmias, S Goss, S Sveinbjörnsdottir, E M Valdimarsson, F Jakobsson, U Agnarsson, V(More)
Tolosa-Hunt syndrome is an idiopathic chronic granulomatous inflammatory process commonly involving the cavernous sinus and the orbit. Symptoms include unilateral eye pain, ophthalmoplegia, headache, and facial pain in the distribution of the upper divisions of the trigeminal nerve and are highly responsive to steroid therapy. Gradenigo syndrome describes(More)
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