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Generalized Semi-Markov Processes (GSMPs) are usually described by sets of variables, events and clock distributions. This kind of representation often lacks intuitive appeal. In this paper we propose a mapping from GSMPs to Event Graph Models. This mapping allows us to use an event graph to visualize a GSMP model as an intermediate step to implemcniation.(More)
BACKGROUND To address the public health crisis of overweight and obese preschool-age children, the Nutrition And Physical Activity Self Assessment for Child Care (NAP SACC) intervention was delivered by nurse child care health consultants with the objective of improving child care provider and parent nutrition and physical activity knowledge, center-level(More)
The cancellation of previously scheduled events not only results in a model running less efficiently, it precludes the application of some analysis techniques such as infinitesimal perturbation analysis. While same simulation languages (SIMSCRIPT, SIGMA) include an explicit facility for event cancellation, others do not (SLAM, GPSS, SIMAN). From computation(More)
The certification of transport category aircraft requires an emergency evacuation demonstration mandated by both FAR Part(s) 25 and 121. There are many constraints on the demonstration, including gender, age, exit availability, and time. There are no provisions in the regulations concerning use of simulation for emergency egress; yet, simulation is widely(More)
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