Eric Krotkov

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We present solutions to two problems arising in the context of automatically focusing a general-purpose servo-controlled video camera on manually selected targets: (i) how to best determine the focus motor position providing the sharpest focus on an object point at an unknown distance; and (ii) how to compute the distance to a sharply focused object point.(More)
Telerobotic systems have traditionally been designed and operated from a human point of view. Though this approach suffices for some domains, it is clearly sub-optimal for tasks such as operating multiple vehicles or controlling planetary rovers. Thus, I believe it is worthwhile to examine a new teleoperation approach: collaborative control. In this(More)
In this paper, we develop a conceptual framework in which acts of manipulation are undertaken for the sake of perceiving material. Within this framework, we disambiguate different materials by actively contacting and probing them, and by sensing the resulting forces, displacements, and sounds. We report experimental results from four separate(More)
In this paper we analyse a class of imaging range finders amplitude-modulated continuous-wave laser radars in the context of computer vision and robotics. The analysis develops measurement models from the fundamental principles of laser radar operation, and identifies the nature and cause of key problems that affect measurements from this class of sensors.(More)
Light power is a ected when it crosses the atmosphere; there is a simple, albeit non-linear, relationship between the radiance of an image at any given wavelength and the distance between object and viewer. This phenomenon is called atmospheric scattering and has been extensively studied by physicists and meterologists. We present the rst analysis of this(More)
The authors are building a prototype legged rover, called the Ambler (loosely an acronym for autonomous mobile exploration robot) and testing it on full-scale, rugged terrain of the sort that might be encountered on the Martian surface. They present an overview of their research program, focusing on locomotion, perception, planning, and control. They(More)