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Teaching the introductory course on programming is hard, even with well-proven didactic methods and material. This is a report on the first-year programming course taught at Tübingen and Freiburg universities. The course builds on the well-developed systematic approaches using functional programming, pioneered by the PLT group. In recent years, we have(More)
It is possible to integrate Scheme-style first-class continuations and threads in a systematic way. We expose the design choices, discuss their consequences, and present semantical frameworks that specify the behavior of Scheme programs in the presence of threads. While the issues concerning the addition of threads to Schemelike languages are not new, many(More)
We present a metacircular compiler written in Scheme that compiles Emacs Lisp to Scheme code. The compiler either emits source text or a Scheme function immediately useable at the prompt of the Scheme implementation running the compiler. This characteristic makes the compiler especially useful in an interactive setting. Thus, our compiler provides a basis(More)
Commander S is a new approach to interactive Unix shells based on interpretation of command output and cursor-oriented terminal programs. The user can easily refer to the output of previous commands when composing new command lines or use interactive viewers to further explore the command results. Commander S is extensible by plug-ins for parsing command(More)
Zusammenfassung: Die gelungene Durchführung einer Vorlesung „Informatik I – Einführung in die Programmierung“ ist schwierig, trotz einer Vielfalt existierender Materialien und erprobter didaktischer Methoden. Gerade aufgrund dieser vielfältigen Auswahl hat sich bisher noch kein robustes Konzept durchgesetzt, das unabhängig von den Durchführenden eine hohe(More)
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