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—In this paper, we report on the investigation of silicon avalanche photodiodes (APDs) for high-energy photon imaging applications. This includes a new APD design that provides X-ray and-ray imaging with significant reduction in electronic readout requirements. This new APD design, referred to as position-sensitive avalanche photodiode (PSAPD), involves(More)
Oscillations of cytosolic free calcium levels have been shown to influence gene regulation and cell differentiation in a variety of model systems. Intercellular calcium waves thus present a plausible mechanism for coordinating cellular processes during embryogenesis. Herein we report use of aequorin and a photon imaging microscope to directly observe a(More)
Through the injection of f-aequorin (a calcium-specific luminescent reporter) and the use of an imaging photon detector, we see a distinct localized elevation of intracellular calcium that accompanies the appearance of the first furrow arc at the blastodisc surface: the furrow positioning signal. As the leading edges of the arc progress outward toward the(More)
Accumulating evidence from several systems suggests that nuclear envelope breakdown (NEB) is triggered by an endogenous transient of free calcium. Using h- and f-semisynthetic aequorins as cytosolic calcium indicators, we have clearly and regularly visualized a single large, global calcium transient just before first NEB in normally developing, monospermic(More)
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