Eric K. Sackmann

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We report integrated charge sensing measurements on a Si/SiGe double quantum dot. The quantum dot is shown to be tunable from a single, large dot to a well-isolated double dot. Charge sensing measurements enable the extraction of the tunnel coupling t between the quantum dots as a function of the voltage on the top gates defining the device. Control of the(More)
High-quality immunoreagents enhance the performance and reproducibility of immunoassays and, in turn, the quality of both biological and clinical measurements. High quality recombinant immunoreagents are generated using antibody-phage display. One metric of antibody quality - the binding affinity - is quantified through the dissociation constant (KD) of(More)
Acoustic liquid handling uses high-frequency acoustic signals that are focused on the surface of a fluid to eject droplets with high accuracy and precision for various life science applications. Here we present a multiwell source plate, the Echo Qualified Reservoir (ER), which can acoustically transfer over 2.5 mL of fluid per well in 25-nL increments using(More)
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