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We present Newton's Pen, a statics tutor implemented on a "pentop computer", a writing instrument with an integrated digitizer and embedded processor. The tutor, intended for undergraduate education, scaffolds students in the construction of free body diagrams and equilibrium equations. This project entailed the development of sketch understanding(More)
The continued occurrence of chronic beryllium disease (CBD) suggests the current occupational exposure limit of 2 microg beryllium per cubic meter of air does not adequately protect workers. This study examined the morphology and measured the particle surface area of aerodynamically size-separated powders and process-sampled particles of beryllium metal,(More)
Little is known about the physicochemical properties of beryllium aerosols associated with increased risk of beryllium sensitization and chronic beryllium disease (CBD). Such information is needed to evaluate whether airborne mass of beryllium is the appropriate metric of exposure or alternatively to provide a scientific basis for using information on(More)
Generating, grouping, and labeling free-sketch data is a difficult and time-consuming task for both user study participants and researchers. To simplify this process for both parties, we would like to have users draw isolated shapes instead of complete sketches that must be hand-labeled and grouped, and then use this data to train our free-sketch symbol(More)
Mechanical design tools would be considerably more useful if we could interact with them in the way that human designers communicate design ideas to one another, i.e., using crude sketches and informal speech. Those crude sketches frequently contain pen strokes of two different sorts, one type portraying device structure, the other denoting gestures , such(More)
Human pegivirus (HPgV)-formerly known as GB virus C and hepatitis G virus-is a poorly characterized RNA virus that infects about one-sixth of the global human population and is transmitted frequently in the blood supply. We create an animal model of HPgV infection by infecting macaque monkeys with a new simian pegivirus (SPgV) discovered in wild baboons.(More)
The goals of a T cell-based vaccine for HIV are to reduce viral peak and setpoint and prevent transmission. While it has been relatively straightforward to induce CD8(+) T cell responses against immunodominant T cell epitopes, it has been more difficult to broaden the vaccine-induced CD8(+) T cell response against subdominant T cell epitopes. Additionally,(More)
Objects in freely-drawn sketches often have no spatial or temporal separation, making object recognition difficult. We present a two-step stroke-grouping algorithm that first classifies individual strokes according to the type of object to which they belong, then groups strokes with like classifications into clusters representing individual objects. The(More)
Kirchhoff's Pen is a pen-based tutoring system that teaches students to apply Kirchhoff's voltage law (KVL) and current law (KCL). To use the system, the student sketches a circuit schematic and annotates it to indicate component labels, mesh currents, and nodal voltages. The student then selects either mesh (KVL) or nodal (KCL) analysis, and writes the(More)
Catalysis by single isolated atoms of precious metals has attracted much recent interest, as it promises the ultimate in atom efficiency. Most previous reports are on reducible oxide supports. Here we show that isolated palladium atoms can be catalytically active on industrially relevant γ-alumina supports. The addition of lanthanum oxide to the alumina,(More)