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We experimentally demonstrate the technique of light-assisted, templated self-assembly (LATS). We excite a guided-resonance mode of a photonic-crystal slab with 1.55 μm laser light to create an array of optical traps. We demonstrate assembly of a square lattice of 520 nm diameter polystyrene particles spaced by 860 nm. Our results demonstrate how LATS can(More)
A new photonic crystal structure is generated by using a regular graphite lattice as the base and adding a slot in the center of each unit cell to enhance field confinement. The theoretical Q factor in an ideal structure is over 4 × 10(5). The structure was fabricated on a silicon-on-insulator wafer and optically characterized by transmission spectroscopy.(More)
We demonstrate for the first time the assembly of an array of gold particles using a guided-resonance mode of a photonic-crystal slab. The 200nm diameter particles form a triangular lattice with spacing of 1140 nm and exhibit high stability.
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