Eric James Rapos

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Model driven development (MDD) is on the rise in software engineering and no more so than in the realm of realtime and embedded systems. Being able to leverage the code generation and validation techniques made available through MDD is worth exploring, and is a large area of focus in academic and industrial research. However given the iterative nature of(More)
Model-based software is evolving at an increasing rate, and this has an impact on model-based test suites, often causing unnecessary regeneration of tests. Our work proposes that by examining evolution patterns of Simulink automotive models and their associated test models we can identify the direct impacts of evolution on the tests. Using these evolution(More)
The relative ease of test case generation associated with model-based testing can lead to an increased number of test cases being identified for any given system; this is problematic as it is becoming near impossible to run (or even generate) all of the possible tests in available time frames. Test case prioritization is a method of ranking the tests in(More)
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