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Investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying sarcopenia in humans with the use of microarrays has been complicated by low sample size and the variability inherent in human gene expression profiles. We have conducted a study using Affymetrix GeneChips to identify a molecular signature of aged skeletal muscle. The molecular signature was defined as the(More)
This review summarizes the current knowledge of the molecular processes underlying skeletal muscle atrophy due to disuse. Because the processes involved with muscle wasting due to illness are similar to disuse, this literature is used for comparison. Areas that are ripe for further study and that will advance our understanding of muscle atrophy are(More)
Skeletal muscle wasting is a pervasive phenomenon that can result from a wide range of pathological conditions as well as from habitual muscular inactivity. The present work describes a cell-culture condition that induces significant atrophy in skeletal muscle C2C12 myotubes. The failure to replenish differentiation media in mature myotubes leads to rapid(More)
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