Eric J. Salzman

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The impact of declarative (functional) programming is inhibited by the need to learn/use new languages. A series of language extensions implemented by preprocessing, which integrates functional programming into the Ada culture, is described. Features include lazy streams, recursive data structures, the abolition of assignment and its replacement by(More)
Functional-style programming and languages have an important role to play in the software life cycle, but for a variety of technical and organisatioml masons are of limited utility until they are integrated with existing languages, notably Ada. A preprocessor implementation provides the full generality of functional programming programmerdefinable(More)
“Layering” is a visualisation technique that enables basic relationships between software system components to be overlaid with the results of more sophisticated design recovery analyses. Layering can be implemented via a simple presentation tool, to which the results of different analysers can be coupled. Knowledge-based analysis technology can be extended(More)
Knowledge-Based Software Engineering (KBSE) can be facilitated by more accessible enabling technology. Ada95 is now universally-accessible, so the universal accessibility of KBSE will be assured if Ada95 is seen to support it. An automatic conversion from the Refine programming language component of the Software Refinery KBSE environment exposes the(More)
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