Eric J. Ford

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1. Twenty-five 1-week-old male chicks were fed for 6 weeks on a standard diet incorporating 7% dried and ground ragwort (Senecio jacobea). The chicks received the standard diet for a further 6 weeks whilst a control group of 25 similar birds received the standard diet throughout. 2. Two birds from each group were killed at intervals of about 1 week and(More)
The distribution of 5'-nucleotidase (5'-NT) activity in the tissues of the sheep differs from that of gamma glutamyl transferase (GGT). Nevertheless, both enzymes are released into the plasma of sheep which have been infected with Fasciola hepatica or in which the bile duct has been ligated. In a sheep dosed with sporidesmin, a fungal toxin which damages(More)
In the horse, 5'-nucleotidase (5'-NT) activity is found mainly in homogenates of lung, kidney, small intestine, mammary gland, liver and pancreas. Lower activities are present in brain and muscle. Activity can be demonstrated histochemically in the glomeruli and tubules of the kidney, in the sinusoidal borders of the hepatocytes and the bile duct epithelium(More)