Eric I. Moreno

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Corrosion of concrete reinforcing steel in highway structures has traditionally been related to chloride ions. However, another cause of reinforcing steel corrosion is concrete carbonation which decreases the pH of the pore solution, Carbonation-induced corrosion tends to develop later and proceeds at slower rates than chloride-induced corrosion. Since very(More)
Statistical meta-analysis is mostly carried out with the help of the random effect normal model, including the case of discrete random variables. We argue that the normal approximation is not always able to adequately capture the underlying uncertainty of the original discrete data. Furthermore, when we examine the influence of the prior distributions(More)
32609 The pH of the concrete pore solution is expected to be somewhat lower in concretes using pozzolanic additions than in concrete using unblended cements. Variations in pH pore solution may hold the key to explaining conflicting reports on the performance of galvanized rebar. To examine that factor, plain and galvanized rebars have been tested for over(More)
This paper presents a Bayesian model for meta-analysis of sparse discrete binomial data, which are out of the scope of the usual hierarchical normal random-effect models. Treatment effectiveness data are often of this type. The crucial linking distribution between the effectiveness conditional on the healthcare center and the unconditional effectiveness is(More)
When a mixture of sugarcane tops, alfalfa (20%) and milled malt (0.5%) was ensiled, a pronounced decrease of pH was observed during the first week corresponding to a rapid production of laotic and acetic acids. After that pH and acid production detached. The number of microorganisms increased during the first days of silage. Then aerobes rapidly decreased(More)
Data from freight traffic roadside surveys in Mexican highways are analyzed in order to find consistent patterns or systematic relationships between variables characterizing this traffic. Patterns traced are validated by contrasting against new data sets, allowing so a pattern’s description refinement. In a first stage truck traffic is characterized with(More)
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