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Data quality, defined here as fitness for use, is increasingly seen as a serious problem in government and private sector databases. In this paper, we survey available techniques, and then describe our own work. We are in the process of adapting general data quality techniques suited to large government relational databases, focusing on an aspect rarely(More)
1 Introduction The use of database management systems (D BMSes) makes performance evaluation difficult because the DBMS code is not available to the application writer and because different DB MSes have different interfaces. In addition, different object DBMSes (ODBMSes) have different performance models, and existing ODBIVIS performance models do not(More)
OQL is proposed as the standard language for requests to mediators. We agree with much of the discussion and will not enumerate points of agreement. However, it is not clear that such a standard would benefit the government agencies whom we advise. Until such a consumer sees their concerns addressed, they will either react with disinterest or suspect flaws.(More)