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Union membership has declined precipitously in recent decades following the rise of retaliatory firing and other harsh union avoidance tactics. This paper utilizes variation in the time and location (i.e. state) of adoption of wrongful-discharge court doctrines in the U.S. over the 1980s and 1990s as a source of numerous natural experiments regarding the(More)
Awarded for Lantern. The first time ever the award went to a digital project instead of a book. th Century Media, http://projectarclight.org (2013-present) • Co-authored successful $200,000 Digging into Data grant proposal. • Developed a new approach for data mining more than 2 million pages of newspapers and film and television magazines. • Leader of the(More)
Search has been unfairly maligned within digital humanities big data research. While many digital tools lack a wide audience due to the uncertainty of researchers regarding their operation and/or skepticism towards their utility, search offers functions already familiar and potentially transparent to a range of users. To adapt search to the scale of Big(More)
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