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Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors are transmembrane oligomeric proteins that mediate interconversions between open and closed channel states under the control of neurotransmitters. Fast in vitro chemical kinetics and in vivo electrophysiological recordings are consistent with the following multi-step scheme. Upon binding of agonists, receptor molecules in(More)
Lack of specificity for different classes of chemical and biological agents, and false positives and negatives, can limit the range of applications for cell-based biosensors. This study suggests that the integration of results from algal cells (Mesotaenium caldariorum) and fish chromatophores (Betta splendens) improves classification efficiency and(More)
AIMS The coronary artery ligation model in rodents mimics human myocardial infarction (MI). Normally mechanical ventilation and prolonged anesthesia period are needed. Recently, a method has been developed to create MI by popping-out the heart (without ventilation) followed by immediate suture ligation. Mortality is high due to the time-consuming suture(More)
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