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We present Linear Efficient Antialiased Displacement and Reflectance (LEADR) mapping, a reflectance filtering technique for displacement mapped surfaces. Similarly to LEAN mapping, it employs two mipmapped texture maps, which store the first two moments of the displacement gradients. During rendering, the projection of this data over a pixel is used to(More)
We introduce the <i>Symmetric GGX</i> (SGGX) distribution to represent spatially-varying properties of anisotropic microflake participating media. Our key theoretical insight is to represent a microflake distribution by the projected area of the microflakes. We use the projected area to parameterize the shape of an ellipsoid, from which we recover a(More)
BACKGROUND The small sample volume needed and the prompt availability of results make viscoelastic methods like rotational thromboelastometry (ROTEM) attractive for monitoring coagulation in small children. However, data on reference ranges for ROTEM parameters in children are scarce. METHODS Four hundred and seven children (ASA I and II) undergoing(More)
Sparse Voxel Octrees (SVOs) represent efficiently complex geometry on current GPUs. Despite the fact that LoDs come naturally with octrees, interpolating and filtering SVOs are still issues in current approaches. In this paper, we propose a representation for the appearance of a detailed surface with associated attributes stored within a voxel octree. We(More)
We introduce a novel fitting procedure that takes as input an arbitrary material, possibly anisotropic, and automatically converts it to a microfacet BRDF. Our algorithm is based on the property that the distribution of microfacets may be retrieved by solving an eigenvector problem that is built solely from backscattering samples. We show that the(More)
In this paper, we show that applying a linear transformation---represented by a 3 x 3 matrix---to the direction vectors of a spherical distribution yields another spherical distribution, for which we derive a closed-form expression. With this idea, we can use any spherical distribution as a base shape to create a new family of spherical distributions with(More)
In this double-blind, randomized study, we have investigated 100 healthy children, aged 3-6 yr. We compared intubating conditions and cardiovascular changes during light halothane anaesthesia and propofol 3 mg kg-1 with those during deep halothane anaesthesia. Light halothane anaesthesia was defined as an end-tidal concentration of 1%, deep halothane(More)
Color map textures applied directly to surfaces, to geometric microsurface details, or to procedural functions (such as noise), are commonly used to enhance visual detail. Their simplicity and ability to mimic a wide range of realistic appearances have led to their adoption in many rendering problems. As with any textured or geometric detail, proper(More)
Jonathan Koomey*, Hashem Akbari, Carl Blumstein, Marilyn Brown, Richard Brown, Chris Calwell, Sheryl Carter, Ralph Cavanagh, Audrey Chang, David Claridge, Paul Craig, Rick Diamond, Joseph H. Eto, William Fulkerson, Ashok Gadgil, Howard Geller, José Goldemberg, Chuck Goldman, David B. Goldstein, Steve Greenberg, David Hafemeister, Jeff Harris, Hal Harvey,(More)