Eric H. Johnson

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The basic problem in information retrieval is that large-scale searches can only match terms specified by the user to terms appearing in documents in the digital library collection. Intermediate sources that support term suggestion can thus enhance retrieval by providing alternative search terms for the user. Term suggestion increases the recall, while(More)
Differences in cardiovascular responses to mental stress, psychological factors, and self-determined home blood pressure between black individuals with and without a family history of essential hypertension (EH) may suggest mechanisms responsible for the high incidence of EH in blacks. In this study, 12 black male students with a parental history of EH and(More)
Psychologic studies of hypertension have usually focused on the relationship of anger and anxiety to clinic or laboratory blood pressure (BP). Yet, average blood pressure outside of the clinic has proven to be a more important predictor of hypertensive complications. In this study, we have isolated two groups of borderline hypertensives--one group that(More)
The relationship between various measures of the expression and experience of anger (and anxiety), traditional risk factors and blood pressure were examined in a sample of black and white female adolescents who were enrolled in health science courses in Tampa, Florida. Whereas a number of the personality and traditional risk factors were significantly(More)
The current literature on psychopathology and anger suggests that both contribute to interpersonal violence. The present study examined psychopathology and anger expression with two objectives: to confirm previous distinctions of personality type among abusive individuals and to examine the relation between these types and anger. Cluster analysis was(More)
  • Delaney Bales, Mechanical Engineering, Joseph Garrett, Chris Harter, Brenna Keane Kinesiology, Eric Johnson +6 others
  • 2015
Since this project is a result of a class assignment, it has been graded and accepted as fulfillment of the course requirements. Acceptance does not imply technical accuracy or reliability. Any use of information in this report is done at the risk of the user. These risks may include catastrophic failure of the device or infringement of patent or copyright(More)
The 2013 abstracts are organized by both content and pedagogy to help participants navigate more easily through the poster session. The content themes are based upon the ASM Recommended Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Microbiology Education ( The guidelines identify six overarching concepts, which provide a framework for 22(More)