Eric H. Johnson

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The basic problem in information retrieval is that large-scale searches can only match terms specified by the user to terms appearing in documents in the digital library collection. Intermediate sources that support term suggestion can thus enhance retrieval by providing alternative search terms for the user. Term suggestion increases the recall, while(More)
It is not known how the mode of flow alters the resistance properties of the newborn pulmonary circulation. Therefore, we compared the pressure responses of the perfused left pulmonary circulation of 16 newborn lambs with step changes in either pulsatile or steady flow. The slope of the pressure-flow curve differed significantly according to mode of(More)
Some of the research activities of the University of Illinois Digital Library Initiative focus on ways to improve subject access through the use of interactive thesaurus displays. Although a number of thesauri, such as the NASA Thesaurus, have appeared on-line, and eliminate the page-flipping necessary with printed thesauri, they basically just reproduce(More)
The Illinois Digital Library Project has developed an infrastructure for federated repositories. The deployed testbed indexes articles from many scientific journals and publishers in a production stream that can be searched as though they form a single collection. he Digital Libraries Initiative (DLI) project at the University of Illinois at(More)