Eric H. Johnson

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strongly supports academic freedom and a researcher's right to publish; as an institution, however, the Laboratory does not endorse the viewpoint of a publication or guarantee its technical correctness. Abstract— Understanding the SEU induced failure modes specific to the Virtex SRAM FPGA is needed to evaluate the applicability of various mitigation schemes(More)
The basic problem in information retrieval is that large-scale searches can only match terms specified by the user to terms appearing in documents in the digital library collection. Intermediate sources that support term suggestion can thus enhance retrieval by providing alternative search terms for the user. Term suggestion increases the recall, while(More)
BACKGROUND New sequencing technologies are rapidly emerging. Many laboratories are simultaneously working with the traditional Sanger ESTs and experimenting with ESTs generated by the 454 Life Science sequencers. Though Sanger ESTs have been used to generate contigs for many years, no program takes full advantage of the 5' and 3' mate-pair information,(More)