Eric Guilbert

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New Caledonia has generally been considered a continental island, the biota of which largely dates back to Gondwanan times owing to its geological origin and the presence of phylogenetic relicts. This view is contradicted by geological evidence indicating long Palaeocene and Eocene submersions and by recent biogeographic and phylogenetic studies, with(More)
Two different patterns of wing venation are currently supposed to be present in each of the three orders of Paraneoptera. This is unlikely compared with the situation in other insects where only one pattern exists per order. We propose for all Paraneoptera a new and unique interpretation of wing venation pattern, assuming that the convex cubitus anterior(More)
Jaws of large individuals, over 2 m in total length, of the shark speciesCarcharodon carcharias (great white shark) andIsurus oxyrinchus (mako shark) of the family Lamnidae, andGaleocerdo cuvieri (tiger shark) andCarcharhinus leucas (bull shark) of the family Carcharhinidae were found to have multiple, up to five, layers of prismatic calcium phosphate(More)
Variation in fish assemblage structure was examined in different rivers of the Seine Basin. Factor analysis was used to identify similarities among samples and species, and to show ichtyological changes along an upstream-downstream gradient. Fish species richness was correlated with catchment area, distance from the source and number of individuals.(More)
Contour lines are important for quantitatively displaying relief and identifying morphometric features on a map. Contour trees are often used to represent spatial relationships between contours and assist the user in analysing the terrain. However, automatic analysis from the contour tree is still limited as features identified on a map by sets of contours(More)
Currently, most of the operations performed for the construction of marine charts are still done manually. However, with the development of more and more powerful techniques, new processing methods must be developed in order to deal with the increasing amount of data and to achieve automatic construction. For that purpose, a new method for line smoothing is(More)
The automation of cartographic map production is still an important research field in Geographical Information Systems (GIS). With the increasing development of monitoring and decision-aid systems either on computer networks or wireless networks, efficient methods are needed to visualise geographical data while respecting some application constraints(More)