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The spatial and temporal gradients in atmospheric CO2 contain signatures of carbon fluxes, and as part of inverse studies, these signatures have been combined with atmospheric models to infer carbon sources and sinks. However, such studies have yet to yield finer-scale, regional fluxes over the continent that can be linked to ecosystem processes and(More)
A Grünbaum coloring of a triangulation is an assignment of colors to edges so that the edges about each face are assigned unique colors. In this paper we examine the color induced subgraphs given by a Grünbaum coloring of a triangulation and show that the existence of connected color induced subgraphs is equivalent to the Three Color Theorem. A(More)
Atomically precise alloying and de-alloying processes for the formation of Ag-Au and Cu-Au nanoparticles of 25-metal-atom composition (referred to as Ag(x)Au(25-x)(SR)18 and Cu(x)Au(25-x)(SR)18 , in which R = CH2CH2Ph) are reported. The identities of the particles were determined by matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectroscopy (MALDI-MS).(More)
Copolymer-templated nitrogen-doped carbon (CTNC) films deposited on glassy carbon were used as electrodes to study electrochemically driven hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) in 0.5 M H2SO4. The activity of these materials was extremely enhanced when a platinum counter electrode was used instead of a graphite rod and reached the level of commercial Pt/C(More)
We report the use of a nickel-thiolate hexameric cluster, Ni6(SC2H4Ph)12, for photocatalytic hydrogen production from water. The nickel cluster was synthesized ex-situ and characterized by various techniques. Single crystal X-ray analysis, (1)H NMR, 2D COSY, ESI-MS, UV-visible spectroscopy, and TGA provided insight into the structure and confirmed the(More)
We prove a Ramsey-theoretic result on set partitions of finite sets and a refinement based on the number of blocks in the set partition. A well-known bijection shows that our results are equivalent to results on finite sequences in the spirit of the Erdős-Szekeres theorem. 1. Background and Definitions In their early work on Ramsey theory, Erdős and(More)
Electrocatalytic water splitting to produce hydrogen comprises the hydrogen and oxygen evolution half reactions (HER and OER), with the latter as the bottleneck process. Thus, enhancing the OER performance and understanding the mechanism are critically important. Herein, we report a strategy for OER enhancement by utilizing gold nanoclusters to form(More)
Functional nanoporous carbon spheres (NPC-S) are important for applications ranging from adsorption, catalysis, separation to energy storage, and biomedicine. The development of effective NPC-S materials has been hindered by the fusion of particles during the pyrolytic process that results in agglomerated materials with reduced activity. Herein, we present(More)
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