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One fundamental concept in the context of biological systems on which researches have flourished in the past decade is that of the apparent robustness of these systems, i.e., their ability to resist to perturbations or constraints induced by external or boundary elements such as electromagnetic fields acting on neural networks, micro-RNAs acting on genetic(More)
utomatic detection of defects on wood boards and grading of the products into quality categories is one of the key areas of interest in the forest products industry. A defect is considered to be any characteristic that makes wood unsuitable for a given use. With the aim of improving yield and increasing productivity, in the last decades several automated(More)
Analyzing all the deterministic dynamics of a Boolean regulatory network is a difficult problem since it grows exponentially with the number of nodes. In this paper, we present mathematical and computational tools for analyzing the complete deterministic dynamics of Boolean regulatory networks. For this, the notion of alliance is introduced, which is a(More)
This paper describes the use of a discrete mathematical model to represent the basic mechanisms of regulation of the bacteria E. coli in batch fermentation. The specific phenomena studied were the changes in metabolism and genetic regulation when the bacteria use three different carbon substrates (glucose, glycerol, and acetate). The model correctly(More)
In this paper we consider the Schelling social segregation model for two different populations. In Schelling's model, segregation appears as a consequence of discrimination, measured by the local difference between two populations. For that, the model defines a tolerance criterion on the neighborhood of an individual, indicating wether the individual is(More)
Interactions between genes and their products give rise to complex circuits known as gene regulatory networks (GRN) that enable cells to process information and respond to external stimuli. Several important processes for life, depend of an accurate and context-specific regulation of gene expression, such as the cell cycle, which can be analyzed through its(More)
Molecular dynamic simulations of a low number N< or = 54 of spheres in a swirled dish yield solid-like shell structures with stable rings. In contrast to known granular media, solidification occurs only at singular values of N: 7, 8, 12, 14, 19, 21, 30, 37, 40. Otherwise, we obtain intermittent switching of particles between rings -- the average switching(More)
Molecular dynamic simulations of a medium consisting of disks in a periodically tilted box yield two dynamic modes differing considerably in the total potential and kinetic energies of the disks. Depending on parameters, these modes display the following features: (i) hysteresis (coexistence of the two modes in phase space); (ii) intermingledlike basins of(More)