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One fundamental concept in the context of biological systems on which researches have flourished in the past decade is that of the apparent robustness of these systems, i.e., their ability to resist to perturbations or constraints induced by external or boundary elements such as electromagnetic fields acting on neural networks, micro-RNAs acting on genetic(More)
utomatic detection of defects on wood boards and grading of the products into quality categories is one of the key areas of interest in the forest products industry. A defect is considered to be any characteristic that makes wood unsuitable for a given use. With the aim of improving yield and increasing productivity , in the last decades several automated(More)
In this paper we consider the Schelling social segregation model for two different populations. In Schelling's model, segregation appears as a consequence of discrimination, measured by the local difference between two populations. For that, the model defines a tolerance criterion on the neighborhood of an individual, indicating wether the individual is(More)
In this article we make a critical analysis of the model proposed by Weber, present an improvement that gives the logarithmic correction on the shape of sandpiles properly, and study the normal forces on the surface supporting a pile using the improved model. Much attention has been given to the physics of granular media, partly because of the many(More)
Universality of Cellular Automata (CA) is the ability to develop arbitrary computations, and is viewed as a " complexity certificate ". The concept exists since the creation of CA by John von Neumann, and it has undergone several transformations and ramifications. We review a sample of models, starting with Banks's CA, where universality has been shown(More)
We investigate the spread of an infection or other malfunction of cascading nature when a system component can recover only if it remains reachable from a functioning central component. We consider the susceptible-infected-susceptible model, typical of mathematical epidemiology, on a network. Infection spreads from infected to healthy nodes, with the(More)