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VADER: A Parsimonious Rule-Based Model for Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Text
Interestingly, using the authors' parsimonious rule-based model to assess the sentiment of tweets, it is found that VADER outperforms individual human raters, and generalizes more favorably across contexts than any of their benchmarks. Expand
Predicting tie strength with social media
A predictive model that maps social media data to tie strength is presented, which performs quite well and is illustrated by illustrating how modeling tie strength can improve social media design elements, including privacy controls, message routing, friend introductions and information prioritization. Expand
The language that gets people to give: phrases that predict success on kickstarter
The factors which lead to successfully funding a crowdfunding project are explored, and the language used in the project has surprising predictive power accounting for 58.56% of the variance around successful funding. Expand
Widespread Worry and the Stock Market
It is demonstrated that estimating emotions from weblogs provides novel information about future stock market prices, and how the mood of millions in a large online community, even one that primarily discusses daily life, can anticipate changes in a seemingly unrelated system. Expand
Faces engage us: photos with faces attract more likes and comments on Instagram
The first results on how photos with human faces relate to engagement on large scale image sharing communities are presented, finding that the number of faces, their age and gender do not have an effect. Expand
CREDBANK: A Large-Scale Social Media Corpus With Associated Credibility Annotations
CREDBANK is a corpus of tweets, topics, events and associated human credibility judgements designed to bridge the gap between machine and human computation in online information credibility in fields such as social science, data mining and health. Expand
Widespread underprovision on Reddit
  • Eric Gilbert
  • Computer Science, Political Science
  • CSCW
  • 23 February 2013
Findings suggest that widespread underprovision of votes is happening on Reddit, arguably the internet's largest social voting community, and suggests that many potentially popular links get ignored, jeopardizing the site's core purpose. Expand
"I need to try this"?: a statistical overview of pinterest
It is found that being female means more repins, but fewer followers, and that four verbs set Pinterest apart from Twitter: use, look, want and need. Expand
#thyghgapp: Instagram Content Moderation and Lexical Variation in Pro-Eating Disorder Communities
It is found that the pro-ED community has adopted non-standard lexical variations of moderated tags to circumvent these restrictions and express more toxic, self-harm, and vulnerable content. Expand