Eric Garcia

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— Pretouch sensing is longer range than contact, but shorter range than vision. Our hypothesis is that closed loop feedback based on short range but non-contact measurements can improve the reliability of manipulation. Such feedback may be particularly useful in mobile manipulation and personal robotics: mobility increases the robot's position uncertainty,(More)
I investigate a pricing kernel in which coskewness and the market volatility risk factors are endogenously determined. I show that the price of coskewness and market volatility risk are restricted by investor risk aversion and skewness preference. The risk aversion is estimated to be between two and five and significant. The price of volatility risk ranges(More)
The tumour microenvironment is shaped by the interaction of tumour cells with a variety of " non " malignant cellular and acellular components. It is the secretion of cytokines, chemokines, metabolites and other mediators in the tumour stroma that shapes the natural evolution of cancer. Whereas the tumour strives to promote an immu-nosuppressive environment(More)
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