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The order and relative mobility of proteins on sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) is affected by unknown components that are differentially present in SDS preparations obtained from different sources [J.B. Swaney, G.F. Vande Woude, and H.L. Bachrach (1974) Anal. Biochem. 58, 337-346]. The modified separation capabilities of(More)
  • E G Brown
  • 2000
Significant progress has been made in understanding the process of influenza A virus replication in cell culture; however, much less is known about the genetic control of virus-host interactions in disease. This review provides an overview of the genetic analysis of influenza virus biology. The functional map of the individual genes of influenza A virus is(More)
The synthesis of the pyrimidinyl amino acids willardiine and isowillardiine was studied in vivo and in vitro. Uracil derivatives stimulate the biosynthesis of both compounds; the free base is the most effective. Significant incorporation of [2-(14)C]uracil and [6-(14)C]orotate into willardiine and isowillardiine was found. Incorporation of [6-(14)C]orotate(More)
To explore the feasibility and operating limits of arteriovenous extracorporeal CO2 removal (AVCO2R) for support of acute respiratory failure, the authors developed a mathematical model to simulate (AVCO2R), evaluate the effects of several parameters used in its application, and predict the feasibility and necessary conditions for total CO2 removal. The(More)
Interferon (IFN) was detected upon co-culture of cloned Sendai virus (SV)-specific T lymphocyte with SV-presenting syngeneic stimulator cells. The antiviral activity was defined as IFN-alpha, beta. The T cell clones, upon contact with antigen-presenting stimulator cells, stimulated adherent cells present in the stimulator cell population to secrete IFN.(More)
Problems encountered in obtaining reliable analytical data by HPLC for the free nucleotide constituents of plant tissues are considered and methods of overcoming them experimentally assessed. Major problems include suppression of residual phosphatase activity during extraction, and removal of pigments, phenolics, alkaloids, and other uv-absorbing(More)
1. Rat liver nucleotides were separated on a weak anion-exchange HPLC column. The characteristic nucleotide profile could be modified by treatment of the rats with ethanol, at both acute and chronic dosages, by fructose and by nicotinamide. 2. The major effect observed after ethanol administration was a decrease in the concentration of ATP with increases in(More)