Eric Fusy

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It is a classical result of Stein and Waterman that the asymptotic number of RNA secondary structures is 1.104366∙n-3/2∙2.618034n. Motivated by the kinetics of RNA secondary structure formation, we are interested in determining the asymptotic number of secondary structures that are locally optimal, with respect to a particular energy model. In the Nussinov(More)
Guided navigation [5] is fundamental for the Oracle Big Data Discovery product. Our customers need to know the most frequent elements in their datasets, and the number of elements of a particular kind. In Figure 1, for the winetype property, we use a query that returns the top 6 kinds of wines ('Red', a query that counts the number of distinct types of(More)
  • Eric Fusy, Ecole Polytechnique, Thibault Et, Maks J
  • 2015
Spécialité : Informatique soutenue et présentée publiquement le mardi 1 décembre 2015 par : Résumé. Nous présentons dans ce document un cadre bijectif pour les cartes planaires (graphes plongés sur la sphèrè a déformation continue près). Notre méthode repose sur une 'méta-bijection' entre certaines cartes (planaires) orientées et certaines structures(More)
We introduce a general method to count unlabeled combinatorial structures and to efficiently generate them at random. The approach is based on pointing unlabeled structures in an " unbiased " way that a structure of size n gives rise to n pointed structures. We extend Pólya theory to the corresponding pointing operator, and present a random sampling(More)
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