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OBJECTIVE This study examined whether childhood sexual abuse predicts initiation of injection drug use in a prospective cohort of youth. METHOD From October 2005 to November 2010, data were collected from the At Risk Youth Study (ARYS), a prospective cohort study of street-involved youth in Vancouver, Canada. Inclusion criteria were age 14-26 years, no(More)
BACKGROUND Regular HIV testing among people who inject drugs is an essential component of HIV prevention and treatment efforts. We explored HIV testing behaviour among a community-recruited sample of injection drug users (IDU) in Bangkok, Thailand. METHODS Data collected through the Mitsampan Community Research Project were used to examine correlates of(More)
BACKGROUND Income generation opportunities available to people who use illicit drugs have been associated with street disorder. Among a cohort of injection drug users (IDU) we sought to examine street-based income generation practices and willingness to forgo these sources of income if other low-threshold work opportunities were made available. METHODS(More)
PURPOSE To assess the reproducibility of myelin water fraction (MWF) and geometric mean T2 (GMT2 ), which are in vivo markers of pathological changes underlying disability and progression in diseases such as multiple sclerosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Five healthy volunteers were scanned twice within 24 hours at six different sites using the same(More)
Library portals are important vehicles by which to support the information needs and uses of library patrons. These systems provide users with convenient, personalized Web-based access to a comprehensive collection of information resources of relevance and authority. Moreover, library portals support a broad range of information seeking activity from(More)
BACKGROUND Limited attention has been given to the potential role that the structure of housing available to people who are entrenched in street-based drug scenes may play in influencing the amount of time injection drug users (IDU) spend on public streets. We sought to examine the relationship between time spent socializing in Vancouver's drug scene and(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW One justification for using expensive biologic therapy in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has been that it can reduce future healthcare utilization such as joint surgeries and physician visits. However, the evidence to support this assertion is unclear. We conducted a review of the literature for studies which have analyzed the trends in(More)
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