Eric Fritzinger

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This paper describes the functionality required for a development environment that supports stratified programming (SP), a novel software development method that we have proposed recently [1, 2]. In this paper we discuss the case when program strata are controlled outside the programming language and present the main features of the SPIDER environment for(More)
STORM, presented in this paper, is a UML-based software engineering tool designed for the purpose of automating as much of the requirements specification phase as possible. The main idea of the STORM approach is to combine adequate requirements writing with robust use case modelling in order to expedite the process leading up to the actual design of the(More)
—The NSF EPSCOR funded Solar Nexus Project is a collaborative effort between scientists, engineers, educators, and technicians to increase the amount of renewable solar energy in Nevada while eliminating its adverse effects on the surrounding environment and wildlife, and minimizing water consumption. The project seeks to research multiple areas, including(More)
—Model coupling has been of interest due to its promise of assisting massive amounts of reuse and thereby speeding up development cycles. A project at the University of Nevada, Reno dubbed the Nevada Climate Change Portal is currently being developed to assist in providing climate data and data services to researchers. One part of this portal is being(More)
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