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The fusion of geospatial entities, commonly called feature conflation, requires aligning the type and characteristics of the entities. Similar to the problem of entity disambiguation in natural language parsing and metadata recognition, feature conflation involves identification of matching elements and properties in order to determine similarity among(More)
This study investigated the structure and environment of 31 street food vendors in an urban park in the downtown area of Guatemala City. Vendors were interviewed and observed in order to assess the quality, safety, and accessibility of street food. The street food vending in the park consisted of five types: whole meal, snack, beverage, fruits, and carts. A(More)
This paper raises some issues and questions intended to spark debate, raise some hackles and spur action. It may upset some people in the process, but hopefully the debate will enrich the topic map community as a whole. The hope of the author is that by bringing these items to light, smart people with good ideas and lots of energy may step forward in order(More)
INTRODUCTION Healthy women do not always consume Recommended Daily Levels of fluid intake ad libitum. We hypothesized that 1) women lose≥1.0% BW during daily activities, 2) that mild body water loss impairs memory and executive function, 3) water intake to recommended daily levels will improve cognitive function. METHODS We tested 12 women (26±5yr,(More)
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