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It is well known that lead and cadmium can be determined with good sensitivity using anodic stripping voltammetry (ASV) and a mercury ®lm electrode. However, the mercury ®lm formation is poorly reproducible and cannot fully be removed electrochemically. We have evaluated procedures to improve the reproducibility and sensitivity of the ASV method and found(More)
There is an increasing awareness that dust plays important roles in climate change, biogeochemical cycles, nutrient supply to ecosystems, and soil formation. In Channel Islands National Park, California, soils are clay-rich Vertisols or Alfi sols and Mollisols with vertic properties. The soils are overlain by silt-rich mantles that contrast sharply with the(More)
Firms protected by antidumping measures do not unequivocally benefit from them. Antidumping protection benefits non-exporters active on the protected market by raising their domestic sales, but hurts exporters of similar products as the protected ones. Export sales of protected firms fall by almost 8% compared to a relevant control group of unprotected(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to determine the effective dose and corresponding image quality of different imaging protocols of a robotic 3D flat panel C-arm in comparison to computed tomography (CT). METHODS Dose measurements were performed using a Rando-Alderson Phantom. The phantom was exposed to different scanning protocols of the 3D C-arm and(More)
A central element of the care management of patients with heart failure, therapeutic patient education mobilises caregivers into forming a multi-disciplinary team. In this article, a hospital team shares the different stages in the construction and implementation of a programme for use with hospitalised patients and in consultations. To do this, the nurses(More)
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