Eric Feder

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Although many low-income urban areas are highly walkable by conventional measures such as population density or land use mix, chronic diseases related to lack of physical activity are more common among residents of these areas. Disparities in neighborhood conditions may make poor areas less attractive environments for walking, offsetting the advantages of(More)
Sixty-one patients with simple TGA operated on below 2 years of age using atrial inversion techniques were reported. The results of 27 Senning versus 34 Mustard procedures were compared. Postoperative observation time averaged 32 months after the Mustard operation and 12 months after the Senning operation. Early mortality rate was 3% (one patient) in the(More)
In a prospective study, 88 women bathed in a warm tub bath for 1/2-2 hours during first stage labor after a strictly normal pregnancy, ending with spontaneous onset of labor at term. A control group consisted of 72 women fulfilling the same criteria of normality during pregnancy and labor, but who did not want to take a warm tub bath during labor. Apart(More)
The pacemaker patient is faced with potential origins of interference to the pacemaker function in his daily life, at his working place and during medical-therapeutic interventions. Technical faults in the electronic circuit induced by external sources can be neglected. Malfunctions of synchronized cardiac pacemakers may occur in the presence of electrical(More)