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Noninvasive break-up time (NIBUT) of the tears was measured in a controlled, randomized, double-masked study to assess: (1) the stability of the prelens tear film during wear of new high and low water content lenses and (2) the stability of the precorneal tear film following lens removal after 1 h of wear. The prelens tear film NIBUT of 6 subjects was found(More)
We exhibit a way of “forcing a functional to be an effective operation” for arbitrary partial combinatory algebras (pcas). This gives a method of defining new pcas from old ones for some fixed functional, where the new partial functions can be viewed as computable relative to that functional. It is shown that this generalizes a notion of computation(More)
We study blowups of affine n-space with center an arbitrary monomial ideal and call monomial ideals that render smooth blowups tame ideals. We give a combinatorial criterion to decide whether the blowup is smooth and apply this criterion to discuss a smoothing procedure proposed by Rosenberg, monomial building sets and permutohedra.
BACKGROUND Therapeutic drug monitoring is recommended for the optimal management of patients with several malignant diseases. The aim of this study was to develop and validate an isotope dilution direct injection mass spectrometry method for the high throughput determination of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in plasma from leukemic and cancer patients. (More)
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