Eric F Kline

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Waglerin-1 (Wtx-1) is a 22-amino acid peptide that is a competitive antagonist of the muscle nicotinic receptor (nAChR). We find that Wtx-1 binds 2100-fold more tightly to the alpha-epsilon than to the alpha-delta binding site interface of the mouse nAChR. Moreover, Wtx-1 binds 100-fold more tightly to the alpha-epsilon interface from mouse nAChR than that(More)
Twenty-two patients with arthritis received 5 gm. of glycocyamine and 20.16 gm. of betaine by mouth daily, in hospital and after discharge, for periods ranging from 13 to 42 days. A control group of 22 patients, indistinguishable from the treated group, were maintained on the same regimen and given placebos resembling the agents under study. The condition(More)
The role of hepatocyte nuclear factor 1alpha (HNF1 alpha) in the regulation of hepatitis B virus (HBV) transcription and replication in vivo was investigated using a HNF1 alpha-null HBV transgenic mouse model. HBV transcription was not measurably affected by the absence of the HNF1 alpha transcription factor. However, intracellular viral replication(More)
A hepatitis B virus (HBV) transgenic mouse containing a naturally occurring mutation in the nucleocapsid promoter (A1764T plus G1766A) that inhibits the retinoid X receptor alpha (RXRalpha) plus peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPARalpha) heterodimer from binding to the proximal nuclear hormone receptor recognition sequence has been(More)
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