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OBJECTIVE To determine if lowering of serum uric acid (SUA) concentrations below 6 mg/dl or longer duration of lowered SUA will result in depletion of urate crystals from the knee joints and prevent further attacks of gout. METHODS A prospective study was initiated 10 years ago at Philadelphia VA Medical Center to attempt to maintain SUA levels of(More)
Humeral medial epicondyle fractures in the pediatric population account for up to 20% of elbow fractures, 60% of which are associated with elbow dislocation. Isolated injuries can occur from either direct trauma or avulsion. Medial epicondyle fractures also occur in combination with elbow dislocations. Traditional management by cast immobilization(More)
MIT CSAIL’s entries for the TREC 2007 question answering track built on our systems of previous years, updating them for the new corpora. Our greatest efforts went into the system that handles the ‘other’ questions, looking for new descriptive information about the topic. We noticed in our experiments with Nuggeteer (Marton and Radul, 2006) that some of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate posttraumatic chondrocyte apoptosis in the murine xiphoid after a crush-type injury and to ultimately determine the pathway (i.e., intrinsic or extrinsic) by which chondrocytes undergo apoptosis in response to mechanical injury. DESIGN The xiphoids of adult female wild-type mice were injured with the use of a modified Kelly clamp.(More)
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