Eric E. Bell

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The nature of the semantic memory deficit in dementia of the Alzheimer's type (DAT) was investigated in a semantic priming task which was designed to assess both automatic and attention-induced priming effects. Ten DAT patients and 10 age-matched control subjects completed a word naming semantic priming task in which both relatedness proportion (RP) and(More)
The Hubble Deep Field provides one of the deepest multiwavelength views of the distant Universe and has led to the detection of thousands of galaxies seen throughout cosmic time. An early map of the Hubble Deep Field at a wavelength of 850 micrometres, which is sensitive to dust emission powered by star formation, revealed the brightest source in the field,(More)
The multiplicative correction procedure for phase errors in Fourier spectroscopy has been analyzed. It is shown that the residual error is proportional to the true spectrum measured at a resolution corresponding to the width of the cutoff through the origin of the truncation function. The importance of choosing a sufficiently broad cutoff region is(More)
We investigate the correlations among stellar mass (M *), disk scale length (R d), and rotation velocity at 2.2 disk scale lengths (V 2.2) for a sample of 81 disk-dominated galaxies (disk/total ≥ 0.9) selected from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). We measure V 2.2 from long-slit Hα rotation curves and infer M * from galaxy i-band luminosities (L i) and(More)
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