Eric Dugat-Bony

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SUMMARY KASpOD is a web service dedicated to the design of signature sequences using a k-mer-based algorithm. Such highly specific and explorative oligonucleotides are then suitable for various goals, including Phylogenetic Oligonucleotide Arrays. AVAILABILITY CONTACT SUPPLEMENTARY(More)
MOTIVATION The use of DNA microarrays allows the monitoring of the extreme microbial diversity encountered in complex samples like environmental ones as well as that of their functional capacities. However, no probe design software currently available is adapted to easily design efficient and explorative probes for functional gene arrays. RESULTS We(More)
Cheese ripening is a complex biochemical process driven by microbial communities composed of both eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Surface-ripened cheeses are widely consumed all over the world and are appreciated for their characteristic flavor. Microbial community composition has been studied for a long time on surface-ripened cheeses, but only limited(More)
Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus (L. bulgaricus) is a lactic acid bacterium widely used for the production of yogurt and cheeses. Here, we report the genome sequence of L. bulgaricus CFL1 to improve our knowledge on its stress-induced damages following production and end-use processes.
Here, we report the draft genome sequence of Corynebacterium variabile Mu292, which was originally isolated from the surface of Munster, a French smear-ripened cheese. This genome investigation will improve our knowledge on the molecular determinants potentially involved in the adaptation of this strain during the Munster-type cheese manufacturing process.
The microbial communities in cheeses are composed of varying bacteria, yeasts, and molds, which contribute to the development of their typical sensory properties. In situ studies are needed to better understand their growth and activity during cheese ripening. Our objective was to investigate the activity of the microorganisms used for manufacturing a(More)
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