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Data collection of environmental phenomena has traditionally been a very manual process. Even the advent of electronic data logging instruments has not significantly reduced the workload for managing instruments in the field. Recently however, low-cost microcontroller systems with wireless connectivity, called wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have been(More)
The angular momentum dependence of large fragment production in long lived reactions is studied by measurements of fragment cross sections from reactions with substantially different angular momentum distributions and the coincident y-ray multiplicity distributions. The results indicate that the primary l-wave distributions move to larger mean values and(More)
The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) working group has been instrumental in developing a successful wireless broadband technology in the form of the fourth generation long term evolution (4G LTE). The technology has been a major success with its penetration rate reaching over 75% in all developed countries. The working group is determined to(More)
Large fragment (A>4) pr ducti n at high angular momentum is studied via the reaction, 200 MeV 4&c + %5 Cu. Comparisons of the fra#ent yields from this reaction (high angular momentum) to those from Nb + Be (low angular momentum) are used to verify the strong angular momentum dependence of large fragment production predicted by equilibrium models. Details of(More)
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